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From your current situation to your ideal situation. This is coaching

Here you work to gain clarity, orient yourself, remove obstacles and create possibilities in your personal, professional or health life. In areas so intimately interconnected where altering one interferes with the others, it is critical to regain your balance.


The action and transition from an initial state (the current one) to a different one (the desired one)

According to oneself

In line with one's truest and deepest values, characteristics and intentions

I have integrated 25 years of clinical experience and studies on the mind-body nexus into innovative coaching that unleashes openness, possibility and activates your inner resources. 

Where Coaching and Facilitation can help you

Personal Life

From a new life more aligned with yourselfæ, to the sphere of relationships with others or your partner, to realizing your passions.

Professional Sphere

Work is a very large slice of your life, make it more fulfilling, improve your and your co-workers' results, take new paths.

Health & Wellness

When your body speaks to you with signals and imbalances of various kinds, find your balance in line with your truest and deepest self

Sports and Performance

In competitive sports, it improves athletes' performance through the development of concentration and mental resilience and self-knowledge.

Giancarlo Viano Coach

Do you want to make yourself a creator of powerful inner changes by tapping into your purpose and passion?

Enter the Coaching Zone and observe yourself at work to ensure that the life you want, the clarification or goal you desire is not just a fantasy or a complaint when you talk about it with someone or yourselfæ!

Facilitating inner change and promoting your personal development allows you to see these goals with eyes that see and interpret your reality from the perspective of possibilities, resources, and actions.

Start your change now

Your willingness to change can bring you surprising results.

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Start your change now

Your willingness to change can bring you amazing results. why wait?

The Coaching and Facilitation zone is a safe harbor where you can drop anchor and lower your sails for the time it takes to work on you, reset your mind, adjust your inner compass, and then get back out to sea sailing in a new, different way.


It's change:
Coaching is internationally recognized as one of the most effective methods for expressing maximum potential in individuals and teams. It is a path where clients focus on specific goals and their own personal growth.


It's Integration:
Through this innovative method, we bring the body into your Coaching journey. We align the three main centers of body intelligence (Head Brain, Heart Brain, Gut Brain) in order to create alignment with yourself@, your goals and aspirations and take you in the direction of success and fulfillment in your personal life, work, sports and well-being.

▬ Let's redefine our goals ▬

An inconsistency that generates imbalances?

Our mind, which evaluates and governs our lives in all aspects, is composed of two interdependent parts: the conscious and creative mind, the generator of our desires, goals and ambitions, and the subconscious mind, where our behavioral habits, memories and resistance to change reside. When these parts are aligned and in accord, our lives flow with ease and effectiveness, we are able to identify within ourselves our true goals and move them forward, we remain in balance with ourselves and our bodies, and we live in accord with what many call our true SELF: the truest and deepest part of us.

▬ They say about me ▬

Some testimonies

With technique, commitment, and a desire to really implement change, your goals are even closer! 

Goals Achieved
Collaborating with Giancarlo over the years has been a wonderful journey! I have been able to achieve professional results that I thought impossible.
Guido F.
The pandemic that has shaken our lives has left a deep sense of emptiness. Through coaching, I have regained strength and especially the desire to continue to help others.
Darius O.

Regain the balance between conscious and subconscious mind

When we find ourselves in a situation of imbalance, difficulty or stalemate, we may face an incongruence between the conscious and subconscious mind. According to this theory, the conscious mind controls about 5-10% of our life, while 90-95% of our behavior is guided by the programs in our subconscious mind, and if we want to change something in our life, in work as in relationships or health, the incongruence between these two parts can give rise to:

  • resistance to change
  • disorientation in certain areas of life
  • difficulty in achieving goals
  • imbalances in the mind-body sphere
  • decision-making difficulty
  • self-esteem problems

It is necessary to facilitate a new "communication" between the conscious and subconscious mind in order to bring back clarity, authenticity and balance in choices as well as actions.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. [c.Jung]

The Facilitative Coaching

Facilitative Coaching focuses on your present and the future you wish to create, helps you achieve a greater degree of awareness and determination, and structure an action plan for:

  • creating the future you want
  • Orient yourself in an area of life
  • Achieve a specific goal or desired state of being in personal, professional life and well-being
  • Managing phases of transition and change
  • Assessing and coping with major global changes
  • making important decisions
  • activate changes
  • work on you, generate personal development

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